Have you got an idea for your online store but don’t know where to begin? Are you unclear about what requirements you really need and what can you omit? And are you unsure if doing these things are going to be easy or not? Are you frightened whether your store would attract customers or not?

Read this 5-minute blog to get answers to your questions.

You might have thought that creating your website for your store is a daunting thing to do. You would start imagining that you need a professional developer to do this for you. And this thought might have originated from the word ‘coding’.

But luckily, technology has served relief to non-tech buddies with coding-free website creation. Thus, website builders like 3S Cart make it simple to create professional websites with no technical knowledge required. Everything’s powered by simple actions.

Why Choose 3S Cart for Creating E-Commerce Store

Apart from its pre-designed professional templates for e-commerce businesses, 3S Cart is popular for its marketing suite as well. However, it is known for being the best combination of a website creation platform and amazing marketing tools.

With its growing popularity among SMEs websites, it has evolved as an all-in-one solution for creating any website by now. So it does not matter if you are planning to build a website for your large-scale enterprise or small business.  Simply create your any-sized website in minutes without needing to hire any developer.

However, by now, most of the customers have used 3S Cart to create e-commerce stores. The reason for its popularity in the e-commerce industry is due to its amazing suite of marketing tools.

Learn below how marketing tools can empower your online store.

3S Cart Combines Your Online Store with SEO & Marketing Tools

3S Cart serves awesomeness by providing necessary marketing and SEO tools. These tools help your store to reach a higher rank in search engines and a greater audience consequently.

Therefore read the following factors to understand how 3S cart can empower your e-shop with SEO and marketing tools.

Email Marketing

3S Cart supports a built-in option to send emails to customers. And the best part is, these emails are powered by drag-and-drop features. Thus, you can design professional email templates by yourself within few clicks.  You can use these emails for sending shout-outs for new products and brand promotion, etc.

Keywords, Meta Titles & Meta Descriptions

There is no use of an attractive website if it’s not optimized enough to reach its targeted customers. To fulfil this requirement, 3S Cart allows you to add keywords, Meta title, and Meta description for every:

  • Product Page
  • Category Page
  • Brand Page
  • Collections Page

These pieces of meta-information help in enhancing the product visibility to its associated customers. Resultantly, it helps to make your website conversion-optimized.

Customized URL

Unlike the rigid website builders, 3S Cart facilitates with customized URLs for each product page along with categories and, brands pages. Hence, you can define customized URLs that link with your products’ names, making them easier to remember.

However, customized URLs are always better than long generic URLs. Conversely, you can increase the CTR (Click-through-rate) by 39% with customized URLs.

Multi-lingual Support

Your website, being limited to a specific region, restricts its potential to expand worldwide. Therefore, to cross the boundaries, it should always support other languages too other than just one.

So with our comprehensive e-commerce enabler, your e-store can be supported in different languages. This enables the shoppers of your website to translate it into the language they belong to.

Multi-Lingual Supported URLs

Nevertheless, not only the website content, you can add different translations for URLs too. It helps you reach your international customers. Also, it builds your brand recognition and trust as well. What else would one need?

Wrapping Up

Try 3S cart today and get the opportunity to quickly build SEO Optimized website for e-commerce now. You can go for its conversion-optimized website templates that turn random visitors into potential leads.

Moreover, with built-in marketing and SEO tools, you can trim the time to optimize and promote your e-shop explicitly.

Are you planning to start your business with its online presence? Take a victory lap and run up with 3S Cart now!