Choosing the right e-commerce website builder in the saturated market is quite difficult. There are hundreds of website builders out there on the internet. To narrow down the search, look into the category that is specifically for e-commerce website builders.

Now, know that not all e-commerce website builders are the same. Some provide only essential features, while others come in a complete package with additional utilities.

Here 3S Cart possesses all the necessary features and utilities needed for designing, building, optimizing and running an e-commerce store. This ultimate solution offers a full range of advantages that you need to help your business thrive consistently.

All of these features incorporate in generating greater revenue for your business by reaching a larger audience, and more.

10 Robust Features of An E-Commerce Website Built With 3S Cart

1- Implicit Hosting

With 3S Cart, you don’t need to explicitly find and pay for reliable web hosting. Thus, this platform hosts your online store easily, saving your time and money. Besides the built-in domain, you can utilize your custom domain as well.

2- Unrestricted Bandwidth

Some bandwidth is used with every access-hit to your website. And there are many e-commerce enablers that restrict the amount of traffic on your site to save it from slowing down. However, 3S Cart does not serve any limit to bandwidth to your website.

3- Full-Featured Dashboard

A dashboard shows you a quick glance at your business performance over a specific period of time. You can select the time period to view the sales and returns over that timeline. Moreover, you can view the number of customers, total products, and completed orders as well.

4- Unlimited Products, Categories, and Brands

There are no limitations on the number of products to add and sell via an online store built with 3S Cart. Besides that, categories are necessary to organize products on the website. So there are no limitations on adding any number of brands, categories and collections.

Unlike this platform, there are many platforms that impose this restriction based upon pricing plans. In the latter case, a customer purchasing the website builder has to move to a higher price-plan to be able to sell more products. However, with 3S Cart, there is no such limitation incorporated in any price plan. Rather it’s totally FREE for SMACC users.

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5- Comprehensive Product Pages

This ultimate solution of e-commerce development allows you to add comprehensive information about the products on the page. It ensures that a visitor does not miss anything that he needs to know about the product such as:

  • Product status – sold or available
  • Images
  • Title
  • Description
  • Product category
  • Product brand
  • Price – with and without tax
  • Reviews
  • Features to compare, add to cart, add to wishlist, notify when product is available, and buy

6- Built-in SEO Features

The process of making a website does not end in its development. The major task is taking it to the right audience at large. This is where SEO works. Thus, with 3S Cart, SEO is much easier. With each product, you can add Meta keywords, titles, and descriptions easily with a user-friendly interface. Otherwise, you’ll have to learn technical knowledge to optimize your e-commerce store explicitly.

7- Customer Management

The customer management module is also embedded in this platform. This module allows you to track customer interaction with your website. You can perform this tracking to improve the handling of order returns, communication via email, and more.

8- Abandoned Cart Recovery

There happen some events when a customer does not complete the purchase and leave the orders in the cart. This is when it is said that, that customer has abandoned the cart. Your e-commerce store automatically sends reminders to that customer to come back to the store and complete his purchase.

9- Unlimited Tech Support

Customer support is always available for our customers. It’s full-time in-house support. This means we don’t outsource this job to help you resolve any issue with your e-commerce store. Our technical team is always available to listen to and respond to our customer queries.

10- Scalability for growth

You don’t have to switch to some other solution if your business expands. Our developers have designed this e-shop builder very intelligently so that it can accommodate any range of growth in your e-commerce business. However, scalability would not cause any disturbance in your website, you can smoothly scale up your business as much as needed.

Are you planning to start your online store with these powerful features? Join 3S Cart today! For further queries, feel free to contact us here.